WIEE in Hungary

WIEE Hungary Ltd., as wholly owned subsidiary of GAZPROM SCHWEIZ AG - previously owned by WIEE AG - has been active in Hungary since 2011. The company is involved in gas transport and trading and also supplies industrial customers in the country. Together with the GAZPROM SCHWEIZ Group companies, WIEE Hungary develops tailor-made supply concepts and complements for the GAZPROM SCHWEIZ Group's portfolio in South Eastern Europe. Since 2014, selected industrial customers have been supplied with significantly growing volumes of natural gas directly.

Wintershall and PAO GAZPROM began a broad-based collaboration in the natural gas sector back in 1990. As part of this collaboration, WIEE was founded in 1993. The aim of the company is to supply Southeast Europe with natural gas. As WIEE AG has been merged into GAZPROM SCHWEIZ AG in 2017 and WIEE Hungary Ltd. became 100% subsidiary of GAZPROM SCHWEIZ AG.

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Hungarian natural gas market

Natural gas is the most important primary fuel in the Hungarian energy mix. The country currently consumes around nine billion cubic meters of natural gas. The heating sector accounts for the majority of this, followed by electricity generation and industry.



Domestic gas production currently contributes around 20 percent of all gas consumed. The rest is provided through imports. Hungary imports most of its natural gas from Russia, with supplies running via Ukraine.  Thanks to the pipeline connection to Austria, Hungary has a direct link to the gas hub in Baumgarten and imports a significant part of the consumption from there. Physically the most of this volume is also of Russian origin. Hungary also has pipeline connections to Croatia, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia and serves as a transit country for other Western Balkan states.

Hungary has highly diversified supply routes and a very large storage capacity of over six billion cubic meters. This plays a significant role in the supply security of the country and the region. In recent years, the Hungarian state has increased its control over the natural gas sector by buying back and taking over universal suppliers and distribution companies.


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